Thursday, December 3, 2009

300 Love Letters

What do these squares mean to you?
a) a badly done bathroom tile mosaic
b) a frightening math program developed for Nintendo DS
c) hundreds of love letters categorized by colour

I guess I shouldn't give away the answer in the blog title.

If you're a fan of Other People's Love Letters, you're going to love this site.

Our creative protagonist here is Asia Wong, brilliant visionary force extraordinaire who does random projects such as these. One day she decided to write 300 love letters to people she knew and then send them to strangers. Why?

"At the start I had one very simple goal: by the end of this project I wanted to be able to write a love letter to anyone, a stranger on the street, or someone that I have nothing but scorn for. I wanted to be able to pull out and vocalize the small thread connecting me to them, them to me, the something in them that I found beautiful or real and the something between us that existed beneath everything, acknowledged or unacknowledged, forgotten gestures and moments, strange and rare affinities. In the same way that part of art school training is training your eye to take in and process the world around you, to stop and notice things, to learn how to really see, I wanted to train my heart to really feel. Some romantics are wincing now: how can you train your heart? It's a lot like training your eye: there was always that crack in the sidewalk, you just never noticed before the way that the lines trace like lightning bolts, the starkness of the light grey concrete, and the blackness of the crevices, the perfect intricacies of it all. There are always connections between people, things to admire in people, trust that goes unnoticed, small kindnesses, shared silences. There is always so much to see, and there is always so much to feel.

There is so much we don't talk about, so much we have trouble believing in."

The letters are posted on this site with a colour guide so that you can follow for whom and what type of relationship they were written for.

Props go out to Asia for the idea & execution, but also the ability to put her heart out there and actually post her letters.

View it all here.

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